Home Nail Kit

One unfailing test to know if a woman takes fashion in a high way is by checking her nails.

A perfect hairstyle and manicure can do much more for your look than an overpriced bag or dress. And one way to improve a impeccable effect is with chrome nails.

If you are not familiar with them, forget the image about metallic nail polish, that shines but not so much. Instead, think about a sparkly clean mirror look. And it is much smoother and chic than the glitter look.

Actually, chrome nail professionals use a technique with a pigment powder applied over a gel polish, plus a sponge-tip applicator, a nail lamp, and gel top coat. But, if you have some experience doing yourself the regular manicure at home, you can buy DIY kits and test the feeling without expending all the amount to pay a manicure fee. And, by choosing what fits you, you can have a full range of costs.

One can imagine that going all in with that metallic mirror thrill, if you are going to a function. This is how Gigi Hadid made them viral at the 2016 Met Gala.

But you can improve your nails by using this technique more discreet by carefully choosing the color base. For example, Gigi Hadid's mirror look was black. If you want a silver iridescent finish, try a white base. A yellow base gives a golden sheen. Your creative combinations can be boundless.

If you have short nails, you must try it. By being smaller, it brings a distinctive look for your hands.

You can try pale rose ombre chrome for an eye-catching, exclusive look. You will certainly be able to use it with a more classic dress work code.

Another way to use them is by chroming only one nail. It will pop out and add just a little bit of glamour shine.

If you are looking for a 1970's fun time, you can add glitter for extra shine and sparkle. Naturally it will match you perfectly if you are a party girl yourself.

Another way to gloss your nails is to add some tiny baby sequins. Pick only one finger and add french nails, you will increase a personal touch on your manicure.

Speaking of French nails, think about chroming only the tip (or on the bottom!). It is a sophisticated and elegant way to chrome your nails.

Another way to use chrome nails in a classic way is to play with a monochromatic pallet and combine finishes between gloss, matte and chrome. This is a winner if you want a more mature look, even classy and stunning one.

You can go in another corner of the galaxy once you talk about geometric, 3D or floral designs. Chrome nails make this art in another level by giving it a perfect canvas to make it flawless.

One last word: this treatment needs the regular attention you already have with your hands. It will hold as you take good care of it.